What to Expect

Before Your Appointment

Real vibrant health has to start somewhere, and this is where we determine your starting point by discovering your unique goals. Most people have an immediate need they want to address such as pain relief from an auto accident, neck or back pain, or just returning to their desired activities. Whether it's a phone call, in person or through email we start building your health experience by getting to know you and what you hope to achieve. We discuss your health and make sure we are perfect fits for each other, and if we find a medical specialist is what you need, we can help you make that connection. Talking with us is in your best interest!

The First Experience

Once we've determined we can help, we will invite you for an examination. During this visit you'll experience the office, meet the doctor, provide medical history, and be thoroughly examined so we can address the cause of what brought you in. After identifying your specific needs, the doctor will advise you on the next step. In some instances it is appropriate to provide treatment on this first visit, and in other cases further testing or referrals are necessary. Plan for an hour visit to ensure things are not rushed.

Your Second Visit

This visit is sometimes referred to as the Report of Findings. This is where all testing information has been assessed and the doctor reports to you their findings. At this point we create a plan together that focuses on your goals, needs, and schedule. We pride ourselves on providing you shorter treatment plans because we are confident we can help you achieve your goals faster. Through our various forms of treatment and our intensive one-on-one approach, we offer a quality over quantity experience. 

The Total Experience

As the treatment plan runs its course, we will monitor your experience and encourage you to provide feedback. We are capable of changing the plan to meet your needs as they arise, but we often find that you're feeling better, faster than expected! Once your goals are met, we conduct a final assessment to see if there are any secondary issues you wish to fix with our help. Some patients feel they are better than ever and wish to continue periodic maintenance care, others prefer to wait until they feel they need us again. Either way we strive to create life long connections in our community and we do that through putting your goals first.


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  • "My neck pain would bother me from the dawn to dusk. Then Dr. Mike worked on me and I finally have relief after living with this pain for weeks."
    Dorota K
  • ""Dr. Mike was able to seriously reduce my hip pain in one visit and after a few more visits get me feeling and moving better than I have in years!""
    Michelle B
  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Kozlowski!"
    Susan M.