Back Pain

Back Pain and Chiropractic Care

There are many causes of lower and upper back pain. Some causes of back pain are muscles, spinal nerves, joints, and discs. Back pain makes it hard to move around and perform your daily activities. It becomes hard to bend, stretch, sit down, get in a car, or out of bed. Forever Oak Health Center of Bloomfield Hills provides chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, and muscle therapy to help relieve back pain. We take doctor referrals for back pain treatment and will give you an exam to determine if our services can help.


Chiropractic Examination for Patients with Back Pain

Our chiropractor will meet with you and take a medical case history of your symptoms of back pain and other medical conditions. They will look at diet, other medical conditions, family history of illness, and work history. They will do a physical exam examining the back and spine for trouble spots, take X-rays, imaging tests, and use other devices that identify areas of the spine that need manipulation. After the results are in the chiropractor will make a diagnosis and recommend some specific therapies.

Types of Treatments for Back Pain

Chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation is used to treat back pain. This method is used to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and improvement of movement. Some treatments involve hands-on manipulation and use of special tables and chairs to achieve the best results. These tables or chairs position you in the right way so the chiropractor can provide pain relief. Our chiropractor is trained in many hands-on spinal manipulation techniques to treat different types of back pain.

Corrective exercises are another therapy that might be used with chiropractic adjustments. Our staff will design specific exercises for you to do to help with pain and movement. They will show you how to do the exercises properly and then you will be able to do them at home. Often back pain is treated with more than one therapy.

We have muscle therapy another treatment that can relieve back pain. It is a deep muscle massage that is used to treat sports injuries and strained muscles in the back. It involves provided sustained pressure using massage techniques to reach the deep layers of the muscles. Muscle therapy can help treat upper and lower back pain in both men, women, amateurs, and professional athletes.  Muscle therapy uses corrective exercises, trigger point therapy, and dry needling at times.

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