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My first goal is to reduce your pain and help you recover now. Then, it’s time to focus on making your spine and injury resistant. It’s not enough to be strong only when healing an injury, you need strength forever to prevent injury and enjoy a healthy life.

Every person who visits a chiropractor has a unique reason.

Maybe you’re looking to regain your independence, perform better in sports, be able to work again, improve your posture

…Or maybe you realized you want to improve your body and live a healthier lifestyle.

These are all great reasons to get chiropractic care.

Sometimes it’s just symptoms that force us to try anything for relief, so here’s a list of the most common symptoms treated at our Bloomfield Hills chiropractic office.

Dr. Mike Kozlowski

Dr. Mike Kozlowski developed a passion for chiropractic as a young boy when he watched his mother suffer through debilitating back pain and saw her recover with the help of the local chiropractor. Intrigued he asked to go with her and had his first adjustment. Ever since then he has been passionate about helping people regain control of their lives through natural means that strengthen the body and not just masking the symptoms with chemicals. Dr. Kozlowski enjoys working closely with your primary care physician to collaborate on providing you the best care possible.

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For years I have been having back issues and never thought about Chiropractic work on myself. I am a mechanic and also work a desk job. I am so happy I finally did. I can sleep longer and have better movements that used to bother me. With working from home and sitting for long periods I have had neck and back issues but DR. MIKE KOZLOWSKI has been great and made my back problems a thing of past. If your thinking chiropractic adjustments I recommend it 100%. Thank you Forever oaks and Dr. Mike Kozlowski.

- JC Y.

I truly enjoy visiting Dr. Mike for adjustment. I'm a regular there because I'm involved in many physical activities. The feeling of getting cracked is amazing and relaxed afterwards, and i get more energy. I try to get adjusted every week so i don't get poor posture. When my muscles hurting, he suggested me specific stretches to help and uses special tool to help alleviate my muscle pain. He's very understanding and professional. I recommend anyone to visit Dr. Mike to get adjusted. I feel fluid and flexible after every visit. The staff at the desk is also wonderful and kind! She helped me get my insurance situated. My experience there is fun and the staff is very helpful.

- Ada J.

Dr. Kozlowski has treated many issues for me over the years and each time I see instant long lasting results. His adjustments have taken away pain and increased mobility in areas where I was certain the problem would never go away. He is truly a professional in his field as he makes it easy to be a patient. Explaining issues to him is not a difficult task as he understands exactly what the problem is.

- Benjamin G.

Dr. Mike is amazing. Does such a thorough job and really cares about his patients and understands their needs. Highly recommend!

- A Google Reviewer

My very critical boyfriend referred me to Forever Oak saying they are fantastic. He is correct! I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in pain levels and range of motion. Highly recommend for anyone looking for chiropractic care.

- Lisa B.


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